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Smithy's Blend #9 bottle

Smithy's Blend #9 bottle

We have a lot of fun blending the Smithy's and we make no secret of the process. We taste barrels regularly throughout the year and form a picture of which barrels will be allocated to which wine. We further confirm by way of bench blending to apportion wines between our Parola's (in great years), Reserve and Smithy's labels. So our Smithy's is produced in identical fashion to our more premium wines, and simply blended from barrels that for one reason or another don't fit the profile of our higher echelon wines.

And herein lies the beauty of blending. The end result of judicious blending often far exceeds the sum of the individual components, and that is what Smithy's Blend is all about. Quality fruit sent to quality oak, and blended to produce a generous, mouth-filling red.

Full tasting note here.



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