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Warrabilla Wines


The custom option is a great way to stay in touch and enjoy the wines of your choosing with all of the club benefits.
This includes:

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Does it cost anything to join?

Membership to the Warrabilla Wine Club (custom) is free! However, there is a commitment to buy 1 dozen bottles of wine each year, in the month in which you join. 

How much is my commitment pack? 

This will vary depending on which wines you choose, but they will be charged at RRP less 10%, with free shipping. 

What happens if I forget to update my wine order preference? 

We will send you a reminder email to update your preferred club order ahead of your scheduled delivery. If for any reason you forget, this will default to:

     and will be charged at the RRP less 10% with free shipping.
When will I receive my wine? 

Upon joining the Custom Club, your wines will be packed and shipped within 3 business days. No further purchase is required to maintain your member status for another 12 months. 

When can I expect my next shipment? 

Club shipments are processed between the 14th and 20th day of each month (to allow for weekends and public holidays). If your join date were in June, you will next be debitted between the 14th and 20th of June in subsequent years, for as long as you wish to remain a member.

I'm going to be away when my shipment is due. Can I put this on hold until I'm back? 

Yes. Please call our cellar door between Monday and Friday to make this arrangement. Ph. (02) 6035 7242