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2022 Panic in the Vineyard bottle

2022 Panic in the Vineyard bottle

And the new kid on the block- which you can’t help but notice given her bright, colourful packaging(!) is our "Panic In The Vineyard”. This little gem was our reaction to some less than favourable weather that had been forecast (which never did come!) for the heavens up on our Muscat vines. In any other year, our Rutherglen Brown Muscat would be fortified to produce our barrel aged Muscat of Rutherglen- it’s all right there in the name. But 2020 saw our smoke affected grapes make some a-grade cattle feed and we didn’t want to see them suffer the same fate for the second year running. While it wasn’t necessarily the panic that the name suggested, there was some quick thinking on our feet to make the best wine possible and this is where Andrew Smith really earns his keep!

Casting his mind back a good 30 years or so, Smithy recalled a rather successful Spatlese Frontignac that was winning gold at every show in the country. And as it turns out, he knows the winemaker quite well! So Smithy gave him a call and it turns out that he remembered this wine with great affection also. We are not about to turn into Chateau Moscato - we prefer our wines considerably drier with only around 1/5th of the residual sugar, but as an off-dry aromatic white this wine works wonders as a pairing to your favourite spicy Asian dish or as the perfect partner to your picnic. Seriously easy drinking, this wine has been priced similarly to our Smithy’s range. Enjoy!

A beautiful floral aroma of rose petal, jasmine and citrus, the palate is light and refreshing with flavours of Turkish delight and summer melons and a hint of sweetness on the finish.

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