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2021 Reserve Durif

2021 Reserve Durif

We dedicate a good deal of time and resources to our work with this variety and continue to cement our place as THE premier Durif producer. 

Grown on the incredibly deep red loam soils of our Parola’s vineyard, our vines want for nothing. Quality
groundwater from a time when the Ovens and Murray Rivers met under our feet, we’ve excavated alongside
these vines and found roots at depths of over 2 meters. A healthy canopy of leaves aids ripening while the
tannins remain soft and approachable.
The ripest fruit we picked for the season, this wine was matured predominantly in 1-2 year old oak, allowing
the bright fruit to lead the dance with subtle sweet oaken spice following in step.
Musk, liquorice and black cherry flood the senses in both aroma and flavour. Carrying all the hallmarks of a
Warrabilla Durif, this wine is generous, ripe, textural and moreish. Cellar to 2028.

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